Julia Language

Multithreading in Julia Language Applied to Cell Lists Algorithm

This article teaches you how to speed up serial algorithms by using multithreading in Julia Language. As an example, we explore how to develop a parallel version of the serial Cell Lists algorithm.

How to Create Software Packages with Julia Language

This article will teach you how to create an open-source software package in the Julia programming language and develop your package using Git-based workflows. For example, you will learn how to automate your unit tests and documentation deployment and release new versions of your package.

Searching for Fixed-Radius Near Neighbors with Cell Lists Algorithm in Julia Language

This article will teach you how to implement the Cell Lists algorithm in Julia Language for performing a fixed-radius near neighbors search. It also teaches you about its theoretical properties and how to benchmark its performance against the brute force method.

Measuring Tail Risk Using Conditional Value at Risk

This article explores the definition and properties of Conditional Value at Risk, a coherent risk measure for measuring tail risk. We also provide an implementation in Julia language for discrete probability distributions.

Mathematical Programming Workflow with Julia

This article discusses how to use Julia language and Atom editor for mathematical programming workflow.