Operating System

Linux is a programmer-friendly operating system.

Ubuntu is a Linux desktop environment.

Internet Browser

Mozilla Firefox is a fast, privacy-oriented, cross-platform browser with useful features and addons:

  • uBlock Origin is wide-spectrum content blocker including blocking advertisements and tracking.
  • DuckDuckGo is a privacy focused search engine.
  • Clean up YouTube addon disables distracting elements from YouTube.
  • Reader mode feature makes reading articles easier on mobile devices.

Security and Privacy

LastPass is an online password manager.

LastPass Authenticator is an application for two-factor authentication.

Private Internet Access is a multiplatform virtual private network (VPN) service.

VeraCrypt if a free, open-source disk encryption utility.

KeePass is a free, open-source offline password manager. Linux is supported using KeePassX and Android using Keepass2Android.


Protonmail is secure, encrypted email service.

Telegram is a powerful, free, and secure cross-platform messaging application.


Markdown is a markup language for writing documents and online content.

LaTeX is a software for creating formal PDF documents.

Pandoc is a software for converting between document formats.


Grammarly is a powerful spelling and grammar checking application. is an web-based editor for creating HTML slide shows with reveal.js.

Google Docs is an application for collaborative online writing.

Google Translate is an application for translating text to different languages.

GNU Typist is software for practicing touch typing.

Web Development

Hover is a domain name registration service with fair prices and easy-to-use interface.

Hugo is a lightning-fast, versatile static website generator.

Wowchemy is an academic styled theme for the Hugo website generator.


Visual Studio Code (VSCode) and Atom are code editors for writing and lighter weight programming tasks. Here are some useful extensions VSCode:

  • vscode-icons improves the icons for files and directories.
  • vscode-open enables opening files in the system default application.
  • Dark++ Regular improves the theme and allows using Fira Code font in the editor.
  • Markdown All in One improves the Markdown functionality of VSCode.
  • Markdown Preview Enhanced enables an improved preview for Markdown documents.
  • Unicode Latex enables inputting Unicode symbols in documents. Makes writing equations easier. Additionally, unicode-math-symbols.csv is a table of command for inputting Unicode math symbols in LaTeX.

JetBrains has powerful IDEs for many popular programming languages.

GitKraken is a graphical user interface for Git.

Graphing and Calculating is a JavaScript-based application for creating diagrams and flowcharts.

Geogebra is a graphing calculator for 2- and 3-dimensional geometry.

Google Sheets is an application for tabular data manipulation and visualization.

Illustration and Image manipulation

Inkscape is an open-source, cross-platform vector graphics editor.

Gimp is an open-source, cross-platform image editor.

Shutter is a feature rich software for taking screenshots.


Open Broadcaster Software is an open-source softare for livestreaming and recording videos.

Kdenlive is an open-source softare for video editing.

Productivity and Project Management

KanbanFlow is an application for managing project tasks, due dates and has Pomodoro timer.

Microsoft To-Do is an application for creating to-do lists.

Google Calendar is a time and calendar management application.

Calendly makes scheduling meetings easier.

Research and Reading

Feedly is a cross-platform application for managing RSS feeds such as blogs, youtube channels.

Pocket is a cross-platform application for aggregating and saving online content.

Weava is an application with a browser extension for highlighting passages on websites.

Calibre is software for managing electronic books.

Ocular is a document viewer with useful functionalities and supports all standard document formats.

Mendeley is a software and web application for managing research papers, articles, and citations.

Castbox is a podcast player with a beautiful user interface and cloud synchronization.

Goodreads is an application for tracking books.