Blackout curtains, sleep mask, and earplugs are must-have items for sleep.

Klubbsporre ergonomic pillow multi-position is an ergonomic pillow from IKEA.

f.lux makes computer displays eye-friendly by, for example, reducing blue-light in the evening.

Biometrics, Tracking, and Wearables

Swanwick Glasses are blue-light-blocking glasses for evening and night-time.

Oura Ring measures biometric data about sleep and activity levels.

Cronometer is an application for tracking nutrition, fitness and health data.

Personal Care

Mr Bear Family Beard Balm is a balm made solely from natural oils. It also works for styling short hair.


Biohacker’s Handbook, by Olli Sovijärvi, Jaakko Halmetoja, and Teemu Arina, is a comprehensive book discussing how to optimize your sleep, nutrition, exercise, work, and mind.

Why We Sleep, by Matthew Walker, discusses the reasons and importance of sleep.

What the Heck Should I Eat, by Mark Hyman, is a book for understanding food choices and their consequences.