Jaan Tollander de Balsch

Computer Science & Applied Mathematics

Scala Programming using IntelliJ IDEA

This short guide explains some reasons for switching to IntelliJ IDEA as an alternative IDE for Eclipse for writing Scala. We also show how to do the setup. IntelliJ IDEA is a Java IDE from JetBrains, which can also be used for writing Kotlin, Scala, and Groovy. Here are some reasons why I use IntelliJ

  • Easy and intuitive to learn for people of any skill level
  • User-friendly and sophisticated interface
  • Designed in a way that allows it to be used by using keyboard only
  • Has option to choose a dark theme such as Darcula. Dark themes are much more pleasant for the eyes, especially later in the evening
  • By default uses Source Code Pro font, which is font designed for coding applications
  • Has powerful refactoring and static code analysis tools

IntelliJ’s youtube channel contains more material and guides for those who are interested.