The Knowledge Worker webbook introduces tools, methods, and workflows to improve productivity and reduce stress in knowledge work and digital life. We provide instructions and products to accomplish these goals and explain the reasons for our recommendations.

The main themes include ergonomic hardware, user-friendly software, workflows, and digital hygiene. With digital hygiene, we refer to practicing healthy, evolutionarily consistent habits for using digital products. We also emphasize information security and privacy.

The intention is to present systematic, structured methods for managing digital information such as files, passwords, or finances. We also discuss how to improve the web browsing experience and control information streams such as email and digital media while decreasing their control over us.

The book also aims to educate knowledge workers on the fundamental skills of creating digital content such as digital writing, publishing, web development, and visual media. Furthermore, we take a look at useful programming languages and software engineering tools. These skills and technologies are fundamental to shipping our work, marketing our expertise, and building a personal brand. They are also our primary form of leverage for becoming successful.

We use the following conventions for product and media recommendations.

Product name with bold text inside a blue box.
Media name with italics inside a green box.